Hide Out While You Still Can at Lake Worth's Havana Hideout

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Some secrets South Floridians like to keep to themselves. Lake Worth hole-in-the-wall Havana Hideout has a few of them. Like its chocolate chili pepper ice cream. And two-handed tacos with grilled achiote-rubbed fish, chipotle cole slaw, and pineapple salsa. And Sunday morning garden parties with free coffee, pastries, and newspapers (for anyone who signs up). Havana Hideout has lured masses of adoring locals all the while maintaining a low profile. Because if too many people discover Havana Hideout, we all know there's going to be less chocolate chili pepper ice cream for the rest of us.

Well, somebody got to gossiping a little too much about the Hideout's fresh-made tamales and empanadas, because the Food Network's Guy Fieri recently paid a visit to the place at 509 Lake Ave. Fieri will reveal Lake Worth's little secret April 20 on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

South Floridians, you have exactly six days to get some pionono (a

tropical shepherd's pie with ground beef and sautéed plantains) and

cinnamon sugar chips with caramel sauce for yourself before Rachael Ray

enthusiasts start descending. Or better yet, help Havana Hideout

celebrate its success with a show-watching party starting at 8 p.m. on

April 20. Owner Chrissy Benoit says she'll be handing out free samples

of the food featured on the show. But consider yourself warned: After

that, the Hideout may not be just our hideout anymore.

-- Jill Barton