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Memorial Day Cocktail Recipe from SAIA in Fort Lauderdale

It's not a requirement that you serve festive, thematically-appropriate cocktails at your Memorial Day bash this weekend, but in this Instagram- and Pinterest-obsessed culture of ours, giving your guests something more interesting to behold than a bottle of Corona may help give you the edge on all the other hosts who will be opening up their backyards for the three-day holiday weekend.

Kaine Owens at SAIA in Fort Lauderdale has created a Memorial Day-appropriate cocktail recipe that's fairly easy to emulate at home. The SAIA salute is made by combining two ounces of Pisco Porton, an egg white, an ounce of lime juice, and an ounce of blue Curacao in a shaker with ice. Give it a shake and strain into a martini glass. Pour a dash of bitters into the center of the drink and use a toothpick to create a star shape. If that sounds like more work than you intend to go to for your holiday cocktail, the drink is available this weekend for $10 at the restaurant. 

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