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Top Ten Pick-Me-Up Snacks From Chef Jennifer Reed

Jennifer Reed is a South Florida pastry chef and proprietor of the Sugar Monkey. Each week, she shares her thoughts about life, food, and the people who make it.

Stranded in my house for a weekend after surgery seemed like a real bummer. Could I turn that frown upside down with a post-surgery trip to the library and the grocery store? When you stock your pantry like I do... Yeah!!! 

Below, my list of delicious pick-me-ups.

Now why did I spend all that money on pain killers when I have so much love in the cupboard?

My Mack Daddy Surgery Survival Kit included:

1.  Ghiradelli Toffee Interlude Chocolate Bar - bonus points for the name sounding sexy!
     - available at fine Publix Supermarkets for just $2.69.

2.  Bubbie's Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream
- Get only one box as you will want to eat them all. Whole Foods stocks these -- $8.99 for eight pillows of heaven.

3.  Roland Rolled Anchovy Fillets With Capers - DO NOT combine with treats 1 and 2!!
    --  also at Whole Foods -- $5.49.

4.  Amy's Cheese Stuffed Enchiladas - yes, they're frozen, but they rock
    --  Publix or Whole Foods, even Winn Dixie stocks them -- $3.99.

5.  Garden of Eatin' Sesame Blues and Zapata Fire Roasted Salsa Verde - Spicy!
    --  both can be found at your local Publix in the Greenwise section -- $3.69/chips, $3.99/salsa.

6.  Cipriani Pappardelle - This pasta is truly beautiful.  (And one day, for the true king, order some Fernando Pensato pasta -- truly worth every penny). Find the Cipriani pasta at Carmine's in the Gardens for $8.

7.  Cowgirl Creamery Red Hawk - a gorgeous triple creme, washed rind cheese
   -  This can be found at Whole Foods for $10.75/ea, or you can have it shipped right from Cowgirl Creamery along with some of their killer Fromage Blanc.

8.  PEACHES - they are like candy right now!  
   -  these you can find anywhere -- I found some beauties at Costco -- for real!

9.  Fage Greek Yogurt With Strawberries - So nice and acidic with just the right amount of sweetness from the berries. Most grocery and specialty stores stock it. Right now, you can get it 2/$3 at Whole Foods.

10. Magic Hat Wacko - For when you start to go stir-crazy --  available at many fine establishments for around $8.50 a six-pack.