Restaurant Reviews

Musings: South Beach Wine & Food, Midtown and Root Beer

  • In light of the upcoming South Beach Wine & Food Festival, I

    propose a law requiring that no posted photo of any Food Network

    personality ever exceed the size of a postage stamp.

  • Our fine dining establishments are much improved in terms of the

    quality of cuisine served, but they've still got a ways to go

    concerning desserts.

  • The Shops At Midtown boasts a roster of incoming restaurants, none of which seems to be exactly rushing to open.

  • Speaking of Midtown: If anyone wants to start up a really big dining

    establishment, there's about to be an empty Circuit City space

    available real soon.

  • Root beer is an underutilized food flavoring. How about root

    beer-braised brisket? Venison in root beer gastrique? A root beer-foie

    gras float? On second thought, forget I mentioned it.

  • Oh Wagamama, where art thou? Or, for that matter,

    where is any similarly cool, low-priced noodle shop in these parts?

  • Every upscale restaurant seems to be serving hamburgers these days.

    Also macaroni & cheese. The economic downturn is presumed to be the

    impetus behind this trend, but I don't recall seeing coffee shops and

    diners adding foie gras and caviar to their menus during heady times.

  • I can't help but note that Yoo-Hoo, too, is universally shunned by chefs.