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Allen West Does Pushups While Kids Enjoy Burgers at Five Guys

Five Guys' newest location at Cypress Creek Station in Fort Lauderdale hosted a group of 15 Big Brothers and Sisters mentors and mentorees on Saturday for an afternoon of food and fun. It was a fun outing with a twist -- taking the orders for burgers, fries, and colas was Congressman Allen West.

Ana Cedeno, chief executive officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, was happy that Five Guys hosted the event that came with a built-in civics lesson. "I'm a huge fan of Five Guys, and this was a great opportunity to show these kids how a business is run. It's also given me an opportunity to explain what a congressman is", said Cedeno.

Yes, West did talk about small business and dropped and gave us pushups while wearing a Five Guys uniform, but the afternoon really belonged to the "littles" (Big Brother Big Sister-speak for the kids enrolled in the program), who seemed to care more about the burgers and spending the day with their "bigs."  Here are some smiling faces:



Nadine Whittaker with kids Brandan, Tristan, and Courtney have lunch with "Big" Navon Wallace, who enjoys mountain biking and boxing with his "Little."



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