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Angelina Jolie Likes To Eat Crickets

Angelina Jolie eats crickets like they're potato chips.

​In a ten-minute long commercial for luxury designer Louis Vuitton, Angelina Jolie talks about Cambodia. In the video, she talks about hidden minefields, riding elephants, watching sunsets and....eating bugs.


Jolie talks about how she wanted her sons Pax and Maddox to experience food of their culture (the boys were adopted in Cambodia), so she got them some crickets. And they became obsessed with them, eating them like Doritos.


What's next on the menu? At the six minute mark, Jolie says, "I have yet to have the tarantulas on a stick or spider soup here. It does seem like an odd thing to eat -- no, it does! I don't know if I can get around the fur, but" -- she says, with a knowing smile -- "you gotta try everything."

Watch for yourself, after the jump.

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