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YOLO Restaurant & O Lounge to Open on Las Olas

Heads up comes by way of a press release, so let’s head in: Proprietors Tim Petrillo and Peter Boulukos (also the chef) chose a 6,300 square feet space on Las Olas Boulevard to house the new YOLO Restaurant & O Lounge. YOLO is expected to open September 30 and will feature two bars, a garden patio, and a chic lounge. If Boulukos and Petrillo get their wish, this place just might turn into a Fort Lauderdale dining and nightlife hotspot.

One of the more interesting aspects of the restaurant is the contemporary design, which puts the kitchen at the heart of the dining room and sets some nifty “leather banquettes” around it. "Everyone knows that kitchens are the center of any great get together," says Petrillo. "We wanted our diners to be as comfortable as they'd be dining in a friend's home while capturing the energy and drama that could only come from a commercial kitchen."

Sounds like a good combo of class and comfort, but since we usually don’t pay for the food when we go to our friend’s homes, let’s check out the prices.

Starters range from $4 to $10, and main entrees are priced between $16 and $32. This is what you can get for that money: Roasted halibut crusted with shallots, fennel, and thyme; pepper-herb seared tuna with wilted escarole, white beans, and dried tomatoes; spit roasted (SPIT ROASTED!) Bourbon glazed Niman Ranch pork chops; and beef 2-ways, consisting of braised short rib and grilled filet. Sides – like herb mashed potatoes and YOLO slaw, a signature green apple variety – will be a la cart options for around $3. Sandwiches are also available from $9 to $17; the “old-school” burger (made with fresh ground chuck, topped with Applewood bacon and cheddar cheese) really grabs my attention.

And in case you were wondering, YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once. But there’s no mention of what the “O” in the O Lounge stands for. I know the first "O" word that pops into my head: Yes, the “old school” burger. I’m not making any guarantees but…

Try it out (YOLO Restaurant & O Lounge, not streaking). Or both; we won’t judge. But let us know how it goes, either way!

-- Michelle Centrone