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The Evolution of Tomatoes, Black Pepper, and Coffee [Infographic]

Think about the foods or ingredients you consume on a daily basis. Surely you chugged down your morning cup of coffee, your dinner last night was probably seasoned with pepper, and there's a good chance you ate a slice of tomato in the past week.

Now think about how all those items made their way into your stomach. Lapham's Quarterly food issue published this infographic map detailing the history of tomatoes, black pepper, and coffee over the years.

From this map, we learned that the Boston Tea Party movement in 1773 is largely to thank for America's coffee addiction. We learned that in 1984, the Florida public caused an uproar over a fear of "mutated space tomatoes." 

To learn more about the history of your food, check out the map below or click here for a bigger image.

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