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Palm Beach County Greenmarkets Open

The illusion of plenitude, at least

We've got a breeze. Hurricane season's almost over. And the Greenmarkets are opening again. It's everybody's favorite time of year, and starting this Saturday we'll be getting used to the quaint sight of folks tottling along our streets with a loaf of bread under one arm, a potted plant under the other, and trailing fresh goat-cheese scented fumes. Local greenmarkets purvey everything from heirloom tomatoes to wild Alaska salmon, from Florida steamer clams to rare French cheeses, lavender-flavored maple syrup, and the guacamole and cider donuts so beloved of New Times' staff.

Greenmarkets are scheduled to open Saturday October 18th in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, and Abacoa; on Saturday, October 25th in Delray; and on Saturday, November 8 in Boca Raton. So get out the WD-40 and oil up those wheely carts!

-- Gail Shepherd