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Where We Were Eating: Sonny's Gelato Cafe

Yesterday, we brought you dessert a little early in the day. In fact, 40 different gelato flavors worth of dessert. And in case you can't stand being in a line, take a hint from semi-regular customer Sylvester Stallone and hit up the drive-thru. What sort of tiny cafe offers a drive-thru?

Only the one that caters to convenience. Sonny's Gelato Cafe in Boca has been offering up dozens of flavors of gelato for years. If you don't think they are worth it, head down there and simply graze the grounds for their local celebrity status. Articles about the place line the wall while the smell of coffee and sweets make you wonder how soon the line will disperse.

And there are times there won't be a line. However, if you stop by on a weekend night after an elementary school play or before the local college kids head out for a night of debauchery, the line is inevitable. But the dessert is worth it.

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