Ethical Eating

Eat Your Yard

Slow Foods Glades to Coast invites you to join them next Saturday, May 2, for "Edible Landscapes," a demonstration of how to turn your little plot of yard into a Garden of Eden (only this paradise has rain barrels and composting bins, and you don't get in trouble for tasting the fruit). Pat Simpson, who owns Yummy Yards, is going to teach the fundamentals of home veg and fruit gardening, from patios to large landscapes, and thereby save us all many dollars and trips to Publix.

I don't know about you, but I could sure use some aid and succor in this direction. This year, my strawberry plants produced a total of two strawberries, a perfectly healthy kumquat tree dropped every single frigging leaf for no discernible reason, and my heirloom tomato plants -- 30 of those suckers planted with backbreaking labor -- were an exercise in humiliation: spindly, pathetic, laughable. I have a papaya tree that has been eight inches high for two years now. Help, Pat, Help!

The session is a pot-luck lunch, so bring a dish to share and RSVP, as the seminar is limited to 20 people. Email [email protected] to confirm that you're coming. The cost is $12 (cash only) and the gathering takes place at 1644 NE 33rd St. E., Oakland Park.