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What's Cooter Ball? NSFW Interview With Brittany Bleidt, Bartender at Bimini Bay Bar in Fort Lauderdale

Bimini Bay Bar isn't your average dive; it's a special haunt nestled in a nondescript industrial section of town near the FLL airport. Beers are cheap, cigarette smoke burns your eyes, and porn is blasted on the TV. 

On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, the bar is a little more crowded. Why? Maybe it's because sexy bartender Brittany Bleidt is working. And she's not just a pretty face. For the past two and half years, she replenished your empty drink and offered a friendly wink while you watch her porno playing behind the bar.

Read Clean Plate Charlie's Q&A with Brittany after the jump.

Clean Plate Charlie: You've been working at Bimini Bay Bar for two and a half years; how did you end up there?

Brittany Bleidt: I met the staff of Bimini at BarWars 2008, and the owner asked me if I wanted a job, but I already had one at the time. A few months later, I go into Bimini with some friends. I instantly knew that this was the place for me! And I've been there ever since!

Bimini is known for being a bit risque; for example, there is porn on the TV, and I've heard of special games. Tell us about Cooter Ball?

Yes, Bimini does have porn, and if you pay attention or ask nicely, you can see Bimini bartenders on there! Cooter Ball is a game we play when there is a full bar. The bartender will sit on a case of beer with an ashtray between their legs, and the patrons throw balled-up dollar bills and try to make it in. If you make it in, you get a free beer.

What's the most unusual thing you've seen at Bimini?

There are always unusual things that happen -- that's why Bimini Bay Bar is so awesome. You will always have a story to tell the next day. We have bras and panties hanging from the ceilings! But the most unusual thing I've seen is a woman that use to work there would sit down behind the bar and shoot a Ping-Pong ball out of her hoo-ha about ten to 15 feet. Pretty wild!

What's the dirtiest comment someone made to you?

Aw, man, I hear a lot. I have a regular that always asks for my video, then very loudly makes comments about my "smile." But one time this guy tells me, "I was about to go masturbate, and I needed a name to go with your face." Good one.

What's your favorite sex toy?

Well, I think I have half the Hustler store in my room! I love clitoral stimulators. I just bought the Impulse Power Pak Bullet. Awww-some!

Girls wanna know: Do you have a favorite waxer?

I don't wax. I use the Intuition with the built-in shaving cream. It's fast and great for sensitive skin.

Do you have any dorky habits? (Please tell us you knit or something.)

I like to scrapbook!

What music do you listen to that gets you in the mood?

I make my own music :)


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