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Hey, Uncle Julio's: How Do You Say 'Crazy Loud' in Spanish?

Thank you, kind waiter, for offering to give the table a tour of the Uncle Julio's menu. What did you say your name was? Oh, yeah, that's right. It's so ungodly loud in your restaurant that Clean Plate Charlie has no idea what you're saying.

What's that you say about the appetizers? I can see your mouth is moving and your fingers are pointing to parts of the menu, but I have no idea if you're recommending the quail or telling Clean Plate Charlie that you just caught it this morning.

Luckily the menu for Uncle Julio's, which just opened in Boca's Mizner Park, isn't much different than any other Mexican joint. There are a few surprises.

There's the aforementioned quail and the frogs' legs. Then you've got

your standard enchiladas and tacos and an excellent carne asada steak that Clean

Plate Charlie happily polished off.

But before Clean Plate Charlie devoured the last bit of rice

and beans came prayers to the patron saint of Guadalajara for silence.

Sure this place is packed, but how does this place seem louder than the

gaggle of girls at a Hannah Montana show? One of Clean Plate Charlie's

dining partners had a theory. Something about how the walls and ceiling

looked like hardened plaster with no sign of fabric in sight. But well,

Clean Plate Charlie couldn't hear the whole explanation.

By the end, our friendly waiter brought out a fine chocolate empanada

with a single birthday candle for the diner to Clean Plate Charlie's

right. We all sang the obligatory birthday song, but no doubt nobody

heard it. Well, ok, maybe that's good.

There was one benefit: Nobody complained as Clean Plate Charlie grabbed

the last sopapilla and dipped it into the chocolate from the empanada.

Or if somebody did complain, Clean Plate Charlie didn't hear it.

Uncle Julio's, 449 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, 561-300-3530, to go line: 561.300.3531

-- As told to Eric Barton