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Eats for Under $7: Everything at the Little Bakery

No matter if you're in the mood for breakfast or lunch on a budget, The Little Bakery in Hollywood has you covered. If breakfast is your thing, the Good Morning sandwich is calling your name. $5.33 (after tax) gets you scrambled eggs, turkey, ham or bacon, and American cheese on fresh-baked bread or croissant. It's a relatively standard meal that is hard to mess up, but what makes it special is the bread. Everything is baked fresh daily, as is evident by the smell wafting up and down Harrison Street every morning. Even better, everything on the menu is under $5, with a single $6 pan con bisteck exception. Good food at a great price is a blessing we can all count.

The Little Bakery is at 2033 Harrison Street in Hollywood. Call 954-391-8504 for more information or to order delivery.