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Five Reasons to Love Cupcake Couture in Delray Beach

Is it me, or is South Florida undergoing a cupcake boom? There are so many awesome cupcake bakeries --  House of Sweets, Spanky's Cupcakes, We Take the Cake, Sweeter Days Bake Shop, the Sugar Monkey, Sweet Surrender Cupcakes, What a Cupcake, Couture Cake Shop, Yummy, Allegria, Sugar Chef Cupcakes, dd's cupcake shoppe, Hello Cupcake, Hey Cupcake Creations... and that's just off the top of our head! (and not even counting Miami-Dade).

It just so happens that Cupcake Couture in Delray Beach is the one dangerously close to my house. So close, in fact, that I can hear the cupcakes call to me - too often for my waistline.

They're perfectly proportioned (that is, extra-super-large) and cutesy to boot. And that's reason enough for a list. Without further ado, the top five reasons that Cupcake Couture rocks my taste buds:

5. You can split each cupcake with a friend (or not):
I like my cupcakes large. The size of a sheet cake would be nice...but because a cupcake that large would, in fact, be a cake, I'm content with a Cupcake Couture cupcake. My waistline is no stranger to the overly-sized dessert, which is why I'll scarf one down on my own. However, if you prefer to share (because sharing is caring) then cut that sucker in half.

4. Miles of icing: If you and frosting are not friends, then steer

clear. Each cupcake is lovingly piled with the whipped topping. It's so

high that you literally have to cut through an inch of two before

reaching the actual cake.

3. The owner loves her business: And it shows. The last time I stopped

in Pam Joyner was working the cash register herself. If my newly-acquired dessert hadn't already made me happy, her smile -- and cupcake necklace --

would have.

2. You can get a cupcake to match your purse: There's a reason the word

"couture" is in the name. Each cupcake has a cute designer name to

match which goes right along with South Florida's haute clientele. I've

tried the "Limey Pulitzer," "Red Valentino," "Dolce & Banana," and

"Boston Couture." And don't you dare judge me.

1. They care about your dietary needs: Cupcake Couture offers both

vegan and gluten-free cupcakes. They're not available all the time,

though. Pam asks that you order them 48 hours in advance and

she'll have them for you. The nice thing is that you don't have to

order a dozen, which can get kind of pricey. Order three or four and she'll

sell the rest in store.