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38. Baby Back Ribs From Rock N' Roll Ribs

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38. Baby Back Ribs from Rock N' Roll Ribs

When pondering what makes for a good barbecue joint, two things naturally come to mind -- heavy metal and Coral Springs. Not quite what you were thinking? Think again. Rock N' Roll Ribs, co-owned by legendary Iron Maiden drummer Nico McBrain, may be one of Coral Springs' best-kept secrets.

Though the interior of the restaurant looks more like an Iron Maiden shrine in a teenaged boy's bedroom than a rib joint, this place knows barbecue. The coma-inducing combination of crispy charred pork slathered in the

restaurant's sticky, sweet, and tangy barbecue sauce is a recipe for one

totally bitchin' rack. Sauce junkies looking for a fix can load up on three additional barbecue sauces -- mustard, hot, and tangy. These smoky, fork-tender baby back ribs present diners with the enjoyable challenge of eating the meat before it slides off the bone. A full rack of baby back ribs, two sides, and thick-cut slice of garlic toast will run you $18.95.
Spending an evening in a dead Coral Springs strip mall, pigging out on barbecue, and watching Iron Maiden videos on a loop? Priceless.

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