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Masque Sexual Flavor Strips Make Fellatio Fruity-licious

Some things will just never taste good. Cafeteria and airline food, for example. And giving your man a BJ.

Yeah, we're pretty sure that will never taste good.

Lucky for everyone involved, Masque -- a company based in Tampa -- has developed a product that claims to make fellatio downright tasty!

Since the beginning of time, women have been searching for ways to improve their sex lives. And we do mean the beginning: the world's oldest known dildo is an 8-inch, 30,000-year-old siltstone that was found in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Germany, according to BBC News.

Today, women (and men) have something a bit more interesting than a stone dildo to experiment with. Among the many products available: Masque fruit-flavored gel strips designed specifically for oral sex. Masque has developed what the company describes as "the only product proven to completely conceal the taste of semen," and "enhance the romantic experience of fellatio by adding flavor." That's right: a small strip of gel works on your taste buds to neutralize the tastes associated with giving a blowjob. Currently, the product comes in chocolate, strawberry, mango and watermelon

What Are These? They are paper-thin, orally-dissolvable, flavored gel strips that look a lot like those Listerine strips people use to freshen their breath. The strips also have a touch of minty flavor, so it can leave a gentle "tingling" sensation. But while Listerine works to combat dragon breath, Masque works to combat the unpleasant taste associated with (yup, you guessed it!) semen.

According to the company website, after several years of research (that must have been interesting research) Masque was able to combine natural and artificial flavoring with natural taste-masking agents specifically designed to block the salt, proteins, and "bitter" taste associated with semen. During the time its in use, it also works to block the taste of many foods, as well. The taste-masking agents are 100% safe, and have been used in medicine and foods for many years. Think of it as miracle fruit for your sex life.

Does Masque Really Work? According to an independent market research firm, the company used to conduct its own testing, more than 60 percent of the women they surveyed said Masque would increase their interest in giving oral sex. "This product completely changed my oral sex life," said one 35-year-old female. "I've been with my boyfriend for over four years and this has increased our passion two-fold."

How To Use Masque: Simply remove the single-serve strip from its sealed envelope and place it on your tongue moments before the act. "These little gems ensure you're both ready to experience up to fifteen minutes (or more) of intense pleasure," the package states.

Well, here's to hoping he doesn't last that long...

For more information visit the company website at, where you can purchase a three-pack of any flavor for $9.95.