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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Three Times a Year

You've got to love the Irish. The patron saint of the Emerald Isle, Saint Patrick, is said to have permanently driven the snakes off the island. This is probably the best-known assumption of St. Patrick to this day, despite scientific theories that there never were snakes in post-glacial Ireland.

Never ones to be sticklers for details, Irish folks and the Irish at heart love celebrating his life on March 17 (the estimated day of his death) by drinking to excess. But who wants to wait until March for a spot of binge drinking? Slainte Irish Pub is celebrating "Halfway to St. Patty's Day" tonight, and Mickey Byrne's is throwing a "Halfway to St. Paddie's Day" on Saturday. Both celebrations will feature live music, food, and plenty of drinks. How can two different dates be halfway to the same holiday? Remember: Don't get caught up in the details. Just head out to both parties and drink until you're Irish.