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Ideas Restaurant Interactive Lunch Menu Specials

Ideas Restaurant in the Grove is all about its name. The lunch specials reflect customers' input. When diners finish their meals Chef Felipe Perez often leaves the kitchen to cull reactions and take requests for future meals. The restaurant also takes e-mail suggestions into consideration when deciding upon  lunch specials.

I recently spoke to Ideas Restaurant's business manager and marketing maven Rebecca Perez. Here's what she had to say...

"That's something that we do. The menu changes on a daily and weekly basis. We send it to all our members weekly. The chef takes client requests and incorporates what they're asking for into the menu. The only thing that stays on the menu is cocido. That's a typical Spanish dish that people were consistently requesting. The special weekly menu is only for lunch.

Chef Felipe Perez is from Madrid, the Castilla y Leon region. He's worked at some of best hotels and restarants and he's a founding member of the legendary Casa Juancho. He's been with us 8 months...great addition. Felipe's quite a character. He comes out of the kitchen every time a table finishes eating, people love that."

Wanna see what's on today's menu

 Aperitivo / Appetizer
potaje de garbanzos con bacalao y espinacas / chickpea stew with dry cod fish and spinach
huevos revueltos con productos de huerta / vegetable omelet
 sushi de salmon con sabor espanol / salmon sushi with Spanish flavors
Plato Fuerte / Main Course
bacalao con tomates y patatas / dry cod fish with tomato sauce and potatoes
 espaguetis con albondigas de pescado y mariscos en salsa de verdolaga / spaghetti with seafood meatballs in a green sauce
 hamburguesitas de carne con chorizo y con toques y sabores tropicales sobre tostones curry y matanza con salsa de mango y salsa alioli / miniburgers over green plantains, curry and mango sauce and paprika chorizo with alioli

 Postre / Dessert
Pionono de santa fe abadia de albaicin / cake with custard cream and burned caramel on top

 1 Aperitivo, 1 Plato Fuerte, Postre y soda: $19.99 + tax
Choice of 1 Appetizer, 1 Main Course, Dessert and soda: $19.99 + tax