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Reviewing the Chains: Angry Chicken Sandwich From Burger King

The advertisements for the "Angry" line of sandwiches at Burger King is foreboding. Filled with huge flaming letters and steam lines, they seem to promise punishment to anyone foolish enough to try one. I was feeling up to the challenge, so I pulled in the drive-through and ordered the Angry Original Chicken Sandwich.

Burger King offers its "Angry" line in three varieties: the Whopper, the Tendercrisp Chicken, and the Original Chicken. Remembering that the Original Chicken sandwich was a favorite of mine back in high school (and realizing the Whopper is vile), I ordered one in this new flaming style.

The big difference between the original version and the "Angry" version is a slice of pepper jack cheese, some fried onion slices, a couple of slices of bacon, a few jalapenos, and a mildly spicy barbecue sauce. It seems like a lot of new ingredients, but the result is much of the same: boring subpar food.

Call me a snob, but when I order a fried chicken sandwich, I expect it

to have a crunch to it. At least in the breaded outer layer. But this

sandwich had nothing of the sort. The chicken was dripping with

mayonnaise and some sort of angry (read barbeque) sauce. I noticed only

three jalapenos on the whole sandwich. That's hardly enough to bring a

tear to even the most novice spicy food eater's eyes. The bacon was

soggy and a complete waste of calories, and I wouldn't have noticed the

onions had one not fallen into my lap after the first bite.

I'm not sure exactly what makes this an "angry" chicken sandwich, as

the Spicy Tendercrisp packs more of a punch in the spice department.

Perhaps throwing a few jalapenos and some pepper jack cheese is enough

to scare some people away, but I find it hard to believe that anyone

would be looking for a glass of water after eating this sandwich. No, I

fear they'll be looking for a way to punish themselves for making such

a poor choice for dinner instead.