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Boobs at Applebee's: Breastfeeding Mafia to Stage Nationwide "Nurse-In" Saturday

Breastfeeding in public tends to elicit strong reactions. Some people say a mother has a right to feed her child as necessary. Other people say, "Eww!"

Too bad for those latter prudes, federal law, and many state laws, explicitly say that a nursing mom has the right to feed her baby in most places. Some laws even specify that an exposed nipple is A-okay. But a lot of restaurants have been slow to get the word.

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Throughout the country, nursing mothers have been hassled by store or restaurant management, who request that they cover up, leave, or go feed their babies in a grody bathroom. And no, these are not cases of lactators gone wild -- flippantly pulling out boobs and shaking them around. These were mothers attempting to feed their offspring with a sense of peace and modesty.

To stand up for their rights, nursing moms everywhere have formed a mafia become organized, not only through nursing support group La Leche League but also through Facebook groups and word of mouth.