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Daily Bread Pinecrest Keeps It All In The Family

Daily Bread Pinecrest from MiamiNewTimesBlogs on Vimeo.

The Daily Bread Middle East Market has stood at the same location in Pinecrest since 1978. It was opened by husband and wife team Toufic and Rima Mazzawi and is now run by their sons Shaddy and Nicolas. The Daily Bread specializes in foods from the Middle East, Greece and India. They have a market featuring fine ingredients and freshly prepared cold foods, a deli for sandwiches, salads and platters, and even hookahs and tobacco "for those trendy kids that are into that." The Daily Bread Pinecrest also has

a 25-seat dining area where you can enjoy the food you just bought in a comfortable, nicely muralized environment.

The aisles of the grocery are highly organized and wanderable and feature the kind of products so authentic that they scramble my limited western brain. My favorite unknown item was shankleesh. What were they, I wondered, camel eggs, bread balls, pickled something? I forgot to ask Shaddy, but I looked em up today on the web, and as it turns out Shankleesh is an ancient cheese. Fuckin awesome. Imagine havin some shankleesh with some olives and pita bread and shishkebab and a beer. Sounds good to me.
Check out Daily Bread Pinecrest's Website by clicking here.