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Beer Milkshakes? Our Top Seven Flavors

Sure, a mixture of ice cream and beer sounds like a vomit-inducing concoction. And that is exactly what prompted three young adults (my friends) to recently undertake the tasting of 14 beer milkshakes (which I invented and foisted upon them).

All beers on the following list were bought at Total Wine, where you can put together a mixed six-pack of various beers -- thank you, America! 

The results were surprisingly delicious (mostly), although by the end, we were all ready to birth milk babies.

Each taster kept notes. The one with the most amusing notes is actually lactose-intolerant (and very brave).

Our efforts were not in vain, because it brought you this list of the seven best beer milkshakes:

​7. Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale with Vanilla Ice Cream
Of the 14 milkshakes the minions tasted, this one made them want to "puke" and "die." Each rated it the worst; there was no fluctuation in opinion.

Taster: "Worst beer I've ever come in contact with. I would rather be stabbed in the heart by a stingray."

6. Sea Dog Raspberry Wheat Ale with Chocolate Ice Cream
The tasters weren't sure about this one at first. But they eventually came to the consensus that the pleasant raspberry taste "sneaks up on you, like a chocoberry surprise."