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Cigar City Wins at the Great American Beer Festival

Courtesy of dosbeerigos.
Cigar City's Humidor IPA took home a silver medal at this year's GABF.
The Mecca of beer events, the Great American Beer Festival, was held last weekend in Denver, Colorado. Among the thousands of breweries and beers in attendance was a small contingent of Florida brewers -- units like Cigar City, Gordash, Big Bear, Brewzzi, and more -- looking to make a splash for the Sunshine State with a series of interesting beers entered into the competition.

And wouldn't you know it: our homeboys didn't come back empty handed.

Cigar City is quickly becoming Florida's most impressive brewery. Located in Tampa, Cigar City known for its creative brews that leverage barrel aging, complex infusions, and even exotic kopi luwak coffee. The brewer followed up a strong showing at last year's GABF with a big win: it walked away with a silver in the wood- and barrel-aged beer category for its Humidor India Pale Ale.

A strong IPA with an oaky finish, Humidor has won acclaim at festivals

in the past. Like all the beers from Cigar City, It's tough to get your

hands on some at the moment. But it is available in bottles for a

limited time at World of Beer. (In fact, that limited time may be up

already, seeing how quickly the stuff flies off the shelves there.)

Big ups to Cigar City and all the Florida brewers that joined them at the Great American Beer Festival!