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Save the Date for "Peeps Show" at Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery

With Easter-basket shopping in high gear, Peeps obsession is in full swing. But on Sunday night, after the sliced ham has gone cold, the plastic grass ingested by a pet or easily confused human candy hound, and the first glimmer of a jellybean-induced cavity forms, you may start wondering what to do with those adorable marshmallow creatures ('cause you certainly don't want to eat them.)

Microwaving leftover Peeps loses a bit of luster after having to scrape the first two or three sugary chicks off the microwave door. Find other ideas at the second-annual "Peeps Show" opening later this month at the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Lake Worth.

The art gallery will host a Peeps-themed show with Peepsy artistic creations as well as food and drink using -- you guessed it -- Peeps as an ingredient.

"We'll have Peeps cupcakes and Peeps martinis," said Karen McGovern of the sugar-based spread offered at the show's opening night from 6 to 9 on Friday, April 20. The show will remain on display for a week.

Why is the event a few weeks after Easter instead of prior to the holiday? McGovern, of the CGMS Gallery, said they scheduled it this way so as to not interfere with people's holiday plans and as an end-of-the-season, presummer celebration.

"Everyone will have Peeps left over," McGovern said. "They last forever."

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