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Epic Meal Time Takes on Mixology (Video)

If we were asked to place a bet, we frankly would have never thought Harley Morenstein and the Epic Meal Time guys would live to see their 100th episode release. These guys must be made of steel, because the bacon and bourbon loving gluttons are back -- and getting a little fancy pants, to boot (actually, the boot comes later and is filled with Jack and PBR).

The guys have decided to take a crack at mixology. We have to hand it to them...those are some interesting cocktails they've crafted. Not only are the, but we thoroughly appreciate their thoughtful choice of innovative drinkware they've recommended to go with each selection.

With drinks like the Death Wish (Jack Daniels, rum, tequila, absinthe, and Four Loko -- drunk out of a gas container); the Business Plan (Bailey's, Jack Daniels, rum, and vodka poured on a tie, then squeezed into a coffee mug); and the Anusol (tequila, Frank's Red Hot, and chili peppers) -- you're going to need some bar snacks.

So the gang makes us some fast food fondue with lots of extra bacon ("In an alternate universe where pigs rule, they'd be eating us).

There are so many other wonderful drink recipes, we just don't have time to list them, so you'll have to watch the awesome video they created.

And remember -- next time your boss comes over for a little dinner party we suggest you put out all the stops and impress him with a Fancy Bastard (brandy, gin, Champagne in a martini glass -- drunk out of a spoon).

Leave the Hillbilly Boot (Jack Daniels, vodka, PBR, and Minute Maid juice drunk out of an old rain boot) for when the guys come over to watch the game.