Food News

Weekend Blog Watch

Although Clean Plate Charlie is the only food blog you need to read on a daily basis, some people just can't get enough. Here are some highlights of local food blogs.

Enjoy reading The Meatist? Of course you do. You should check out his other blog, Bone in the Fan, where he pontificates about everything under the sun. Like Kiss.

You know what goes with the "Cheap Wines That Don't Suck" blog on our website? This post from South Florida Punch on how to wine on a budget.

The kids are all back to school now, and that's a pretty great thing. But are you worried about how they're eating while they're away? Check out Mango and Lime's report about a Miami Beach school that's actually feeding their kids a healthy lunch!

Looking for an easy way to create a froth for your lamb chops at home? Chadzilla might be able to point you in the right direction, provided you have a foaming soap dispenser.

Finally, Foodtastic has an impassioned blog extolling the virtues of Mariquitas. I'm on my way to pick some up right now.