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Susan Loomis Thinks Americans Should Turn French!?!

Susan Loomis is an American chef who has been living as an expat in France for more than 15 years. She runs a cooking school at her renovated 15th century home in Louviers, Normandy, France where she lives with her husband and two kids. Susan is the award-winning author of eight books and is a contributor to several leading print and web-based publications.

Loomis was interviewed on Food And Wine Talk on South Florida Gourmet Radio by hosts Carol Kotkin and Simone Zarmati Diament, "two food writers who don't talk with their mouth full and have plenty to say about food and travel as well" -- that's according to the announcer that introduces them on their show.

Several minutes into the interview, Carol shoots Loomis this humdinger, "We're now buying local, seasonal, and organic products, and that's the way it's been done in France forever. But, have the French become more Americanized and are we now more French?"

Loomis responds by saying, "Well I hope we become more French in that way, It's about time that somebody of national import took the lead in that issue. In France, we are becoming a bit more Americanized to a certain degree, but because the market system is so much a part of French life, the French will always know where their food comes from and they will just instinctively go towards what is at the farmers market."

The rest of the interview is interesting and can be heard by clicking here.