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One Slice is Never Enough: More Bacon to Feed Your Jones

The Meatist's post this morning on which supermarket bacon is the best made me excited all over again for my favorite new holiday: Bacon Day. That's right, September 5 this year will be to bacon what Labor Day is to really cheap beer and barbecue, a day to revel in the wonders of cured pork belly morning, noon, and night. I for one know how I will be celebrating: I'll be making my own bacon. That recipe is culled from Alton Brown's program Good Eats. But here's another one by former South Florida MenuPages blogger Carolina Bolado; just scroll down to the comments section to view.

And for some inspiration once you've cooked your bacon? Well here's some of my favorite bacon links:

Bacon Today - Come out, how could you not absolutely love the guys that brought us the turbaconducken?

The Bacon Fatty Melt - A Hamburger Today isn't necessarily devoted to bacon, but this sandwich, made with bacon grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, deserves a medal.

I Heart Bacon - If you want to know about things like Bacon Salt and why they exist in this lovely world of ours, I Heart Bacon is the place for you. It's a well-written blog that explores bacon and all its ancillary topics with care and adulation.

The Original Bacon Explosion - It sounds like something you'd have to show ID to procure, and then only in a store with black-tinted windows. And it is actually semi-pornographic. The bacon explosion is a tube of bacon weave (GASP, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT BACON WEAVE IS?) wrapped around ground Italian sausage, which in turn is compressed around loose bacon bits. The whole thing is smoked for two-and-a-half hours and basted with barbecue sauce to complete. Yes, you've seen it on CNN and Good Morning America! Now make it (or buy one to order) yourself.

The Royal Bacon Society - Finally, keep abreast (or abelly) of all the latest bacon day happenings, recipes, meetups, etc. at the official site of the very ancient and powerful Royal Bacon Society. Wait till you hear the secret password.