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Taverna Opa Channels "Animal House"

Okay, Lirim Jacobi isn't John Belushi and Taverna Opa isn't Faber College, but a toga party is a toga party.    

And even U.S. Senator Blutarsky would have to admit that a toga party hosted by WILD 95.5 with DJs, wine tastings, a whole spit-roasted lamb, belly dancing, fire dancing, a belly dancing contest, ice sculptures, free booze shots, tarot card readings and a raffle for a trip to Greece is one helluva toga party. It's also the toga party celebrating the first anniversary of Jacobi's Taverna Opa in CityPlace, set for Thursday evening, Oct. 1.    

The staff at Opa will haul out their old bedsheets and toga up, and so can you; from 10 p.m. to midnight anyone dressed in a toga gets free champagne, which they'll probably need to keep from feeling like complete idiots. Or maybe not.    

Anyway, the party will continue Friday and Saturday with more free shots, deals on specialty cocktails and guest DJs. Dean Wormer would not be amused.