Ethical Eating

I'm Eating What? Jamaican Cock-Flavoured Soup

It's a fair guess that Publix may sell Grace Kitchens Cock Flavoured Soup simply as a novelty item. Sure, it's in the ethnic aisle with the other Caribbean foods, and yes, people in other countries do prize soups made out of roosters. But the fine folks at Grace Kitchens have probably put their kids through school off the shoppers who simply want to serve their friends cock soup.

The Grace Kitchens Cock Flavoured Soup's ingredient list is a bit surprising. It explains that it contains no chicken, rooster, or any type of poultry. According to the package, which was manufactured in Jamaica, it may, however, contain "trace amounts of fish." Now we're no packaging experts, but we do believe that when you make yourself some cock-flavored soup, you ought to have some actual rooster in there. And

you ought to be able to say, without a doubt, that you haven't dropped any fish in it.


the directions, we heated some water and let Grace Kitchens Cock

Flavoured Soup steep for a few minutes. This is to make sure Grace

Kitchens Cock Flavoured Soup isn't hard. The noodles. So that the

noodles aren't hard.

The smell is reminiscent of that

manufactured chicken and salt smell that comes from any package of

ramen or Cup o' Noodles. The color is bile orange, and the soup contained bits of

dehydrated carrots and onions that didn't seem to loosen up again.


Grace Kitchens Cock Flavoured Soup isn't bad. Sure, it tastes like a

day's worth of salt intake, but it's also somehow comfortingly

familiar, harking back to packaged chicken soup you've probably

heated up at a campsite or after a hurricane. The noodles are entirely

too gummy (is there cock in the noodles, perhaps?), but those who went

through with this gag before probably didn't regret eating Grace

Kitchens Cock Flavoured Soup nearly as much as they thought they would.


should eat this? Backpackers with a sense of humor. Jamaicans who like

the possibility of fish and not rooster in their cock soup. Or anyone

with an admitted juvenile sense of humor.