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Happy Hours Go Mobile With New App

There are few things I appreciate more than my iPhone. One of them is alcohol. Luckily, my employers felt the need to combine my two favorite things, and thus we introduce my new best friend: the Happy Hours App.

Available for iPhones and Droids, the free application lets you choose from dozens of happy hours in your area, and along with South Florida, you can browse at least 30 other locations around the country. Besides location, you can search by cuisine, length of happy hour and days of happy hour in case you're browsing for a different day or even the weekend.

If you have an iPhone, you can get directions to your destination by turning the phone sideways to showcase a map of the location. After visiting a restaurant, you can go back to the app to rate the happy hour or even flag the information if it's not correct.

As if the mere thought wasn't amazing enough, watch this nifty video.

Click here to find out more information on phone compatibility and other cities where the app is available.