Living Raw, Sex, and the City

fruitarian cover girl.jpg

This girl here, livin' somewhere in Miami, name of Suvine, pictured above, has a public, online diary documenting her life as a  fruitarian. What's that mean? According to Wikipedia, "Fruitarians (or fructarians) eat in principle only the fruit of plants." No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no fish, nothing cooked, all raw, all the time, fruits, nuts, seeds, berries. Oooh baby, baby, it's a wild world. Me myself, I can't get down like that, but she's all the way out there with it...

Suvine's blog is shockingly intimate, somebody give this broad a reality show, here's an excerpt from a January 8th post...

"In Coconut Grove in his big nice house, I raided his fridge for berries. Found some cacao and sucked on it. I got naked and lay in bed. He ran in. I Pressed my body against him. I look at him with my snake eyes. He was telling me we are a couple and he loves me, over and over. He drinks another glass of wine. I ignore it. Thinking about it hurts enough. SO I ignore it. I shut my eyes and pretend I am where I want to be. We do not kiss. It was pretty. It was nice. Over soon, and I got up and asked him to take me home."

Her blog is full of photos documenting her daily comings, goings, and eating habits, here's one more for the road. Check her out at

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