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Grocery Coupons

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As this is being written, "grocery coupons" is one of the most searched terms on the internet today.

After the jump, we weigh the pros and cons of the top South Florida coupon providers on the internet. We also link to them so you can decide for yourself where the best deals are and who's telling you about 'em. -
- The Sun-Sentinel is working as an affiliate marketer for Basically, provides the Sun-Sentinel with the content (coupons) and the Sun-Sentinel pushes them on its audience while collecting a fee from the content provider ( for every coupon clicked. Anybody with a website can do this.
- Pros - Lots of deals on a variety of products.
- Cons - Poor site navigation and the requirement to download a printing application to print out your coupons. Emphasis on behavioral advertising means a computer with multiple users may promote highly targeted content to indifferent users, i.e., when Dad logs on to look for deals, he may just see a bunch of tampon coupons aimed at his wife.

- The American (made in China) superstore offers you deals.
- Pros - Easy to navigate, easy to print.
- Cons - Limited selection at limited locations. - Another behavorially driven, download-requesting website trying to push you on their proprietary experience.
- Pros - Easy to use.
- Cons - Requires email registration. Not immediately apparent what stores your coupons will work at. Wants you to download their toolbar based heavily on their "we don't collect private information" policy, but company determines and defines "private information" according to its own legalese. Toolbars are specifically designed to collect, store, and use your private information; almost all websites are.

P&G Everyday Solutions - A Proctor & Gamble microsite promoting a coupon book in Sunday editions of print newspapers.
- Pros - Charity is part of the gimmick. Company claims to donate money to charity based on your use of its coupons between certain dates from coupons printed on certain dates. Site includes RSS feed. Promotes advertising in the severely crippled newspaper industry.
- Cons - Requires registration for the e-coupon program. - A Cox Newspapers company owned by Cox Enterprises Inc. probably already familiar to you for its 45 million-strong snail-mail circulation.
- Pros - Easy to use. No registration required. RSS feeds. Site promotes new mobile device delivery of content. Hyperlocal deals from independent businesses, not just corporate grocery stores.
- Cons - Limited selection.