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Totally Bananas: Chocolate-Covered Bananas for the Masses

This $#!t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Literally.

Hollywood, FL-based Totally Bananas, has made it possible for fatties like myself to splurge on sweet treats and not feel guilty afterward. How? Through bananas... chocolate covered bananas.

They start by picking a perfectly ripened Chiquita banana,

then they cut

it, flash freeze it and hand-dip it in semisweet chocolate. And if

you're a purist who keeps things simple, then it's ready to eat and

enjoy. But if you're looking for a little flair on your chocolate-covered fruit, the other varieties include peanuts, rainbow sprinkles

and coconut-lime. Wait, it gets better... all of the treats are dairy-free, gluten-free and have 0 grams of transfat. Do you know how many

sit-ups you're not going to have to do in the gym? Like 600 (This is only a guesstimate. I do not know actually the number of sit-ups).

The company was started by Chuck and Mindy Pheterson several months after getting laid off. Chuck was a VP of Marketing for a large computer software company, while Mindy worked for Motorola. And rather than beginning a job hunt at 55, Chuck took his severance pay and invested it into an idea that might've seemed Totally Bananas to those around him. But as he put it, "In bad times, you want a feel good product." He couldn't have been more right. Their bananas are now in over 250 locations in the tri-county area and they're not

stopping there. They plan to expand throughout the country, and after

trying all of the varieties myself, I absolutely think it's


Let us know what you think when you get a chance to try one for yourself... they'll be giving away free samples on October

22nd starting at 6:00pm for Fright Night in Las Olas. For more info visit them at Totally-Bananas.net.

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