Make Your Own Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies (Recipe)

The little hustlers, also know as Girl Scouts, have left their perches in front of Walmart and retreated into their human caves.

You know what that means, right? No more girl scout cookies until next year.

If you're a celiac -- and you can't consume gluten -- then this is no big loss for you. But we'll take bets that you've tasted a thin mint at least once in your life.

While everyone else is lamenting the 20 pounds they've gained and wait in careful anticipation for the next season of delicious cookie boxes, you're sitting back wondering where you can get your fix.

We apologize for past years, but this time we've got your back.

Instead of spending our weekend enjoying the sunshine, we decided to slave away in the kitchen - just for you readers.

We chose two girl scout cookie recipes, do-si-dos and thin mints, and converted them to gluten-free goodness. So celiacs, feel free to gorge yourself silly.

Check after the jump for two recipes. If we didn't make them we'd swear they were real.