Clematis Social Offers Lunch Special for Your Inner Socialist

Clematis Social is getting even more sociable with the rollout of its penny-pinching "Lunch for Locals," a $9 meal that features choice of entree, side, and soft drink. And just to hear that penny squeal, they throw in gratuity (or as Charlie would say, tip) for good measure. 

Some of the stuff on the new "Locals" menu include chicken and tuna salad wraps, Asian-style chicken stir-fry, and chicken Caesar flatbread. If that sounds like a lot of chicken, waddya want for nine bucks, Kobe beef?

But you do get to bulk up your chicken with a choice of soup, salad, coleslaw, or fries. And don't forget that drink and tip, though you might want to leave your server an extra buck or two to, uh, spread the wealth.

Call it Clematis Socialism.