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Glenn Beck's Liberal Restaurant Hell (Video)

Something so heinous and insidious happened to conservative ranter Glenn Beck over the course of the Labor Day weekend, that he has been forced to not only boycott the company behind the incident...he is sharing it with the world, lest others be treated in this fashion.

You see, what was intended to be a nice weekend jaunt to the Big Apple for Beck and his wife, turned into a nightmare. 

First, Beck and his family were treated poorly at an unnamed New York barbeque restaurant where Beck was given dirty looks by "those in charge" at the restaurant. On his internet talk show, Beck ponders the reason for the stank-eye." This is a minority‑owned shop. Was that the line that I

dared to cross? No? No, it couldn't be because there were white people

in there. So it must be something else besides my character. It's

amazing to me."

The next day, New York City's apparently ultra-liberal dining scene continued to show Beck a hard time. At breakfast, Beck says he "was openly mocked by the patrons, and my wife was begging to leave as

she heard the wait staff and management gasp in horror that they

actually had to serve me. Lunch was no different."

When the time came for the Becks to return home to their beloved Texas,

the radio pundit was dismayed to find that the flight attendant on his

American Airlines flight (a Texas-based corporation, he points out)

seemed to also not be a fan.

After barking the work "breakfast"

to Beck, he slammed down a soda and didn't even have the decency to open

the can for Beck. "Nobody else had to open their can. He opened it and

poured it for them, " noted the hurt host.

So what's the point?

Well, after Beck prayed about this truly hateful incident involving a

soda, he decided to boycott American Airlines or, as he suggests,

"liberal American Airlines". Our suggestion to Beck? Next time you're

flying stick to the bottled water.

Watch Beck explain his in-flight humiliation at the 6:00 minute mark. We're amazed he wasn't crying: