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Eating Around the Blog-o-Sphere

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  • FTL Collective covers all things Fort Lauderdale, whether that's music, food, or nightlife. It's got a good piece up on the swankiest cocktails within the city limits.
  • Burgers with tons of toppings can be messy, but Burgers by the Beach has a nifty recipe for success with cooking onions and mushrooms into the patty.
  • The South Florida Beer Blog hips us to Brooklyn Brewery's Garret Oliver, who will be in Miami for a beer dinner this Wednesday night.
  • Today is National Waffle Day, and Serious Eats has more waffle facts/recipes than you'll likely ever need to know.
  • Hot on the heels of yesterday's post about restaurant health inspections comes Maggotgate, the absolutely grossest thing you'll read about food today.
  • Eatocracy explores the salmonella outbreak by explaining how the bacteria finds its way into your eggs.