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Rebel House Opening Soon in Boca Raton: A Sneak Peek Inside

If all goes according to plan -- always a bit of a gamble in the restaurant world -- Rebel House in Boca Raton should open its doors within the week. The date is subject to the outcome of a few final inspections and other final touches, but partners Evan David and chef Mike Saperstein (the team behind Charm City Burgers and El Jefe Luchador) feel confident that their first casual full-service restaurant will open before the close of June. Find more images of the interior and other details after the jump. 

Saperstein said the crew seeks to do "something different for the area" with the restaurant, approaching the level of "fine dining" cuisine but in a "much more laid-back way." The overall theme is a touch of rebellion and renegade spirit, the duo said, but they've chosen to not tie the restaurant to any one concept or trend, lest they get boxed into a corner as, say, "the whiskey bar" or "the farm-to-table joint."

David and Saperstein hope to attract diners of all ages and walks of life. Saperstein said the menu is priced so that someone could pay about $25 and get a few "flavors" and a decent drink or splurge and spend $100 per person for a multidish/multidrink meal. Speaking of the menu, the current version includes appetizers (priced $4 to $14), entrées/plates ($6 to $38), and vegetable plates ($4 to $8) with items like crispy Brussels sprouts and a roasted beet salad, plus desserts and mini-pies. Other dishes like a Rebel House burger ($12) and matzo-ball soup cater to the duo's established strengths and location, respectively.

The plan is to switch up the menu on a weekly basis, keeping core items but introducing new dishes based on the season. The cocktail list will include several variations on the old fashioned and drinks incorporating fresh herbs, bitters, and fruits. The wine list will feature some familiar labels but will focus primarily on "boutique" bottles that may be new to guests. Microbrews and craft beers will be highlighted, with five taps, plus bottled brews available.    

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