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Happy Hour: Himmarshee Side Bar

The Spot: Himmarshee Side Bar

The Hours: Monday- Friday, 5-8 p.m.

The Deets: Payless isn't the only one with a famous regular buy-one-get-one free special. Himmarshee's Side Bar offers it every weekday. The special includes the majority of premium liquors, cocktails, and specialty drinks -- but not top shelf and selected wine, since the wine list contains more than 100 varieties, some nearly $200 a bottle.

The Scene: On the weekends, Himmarshee's Side Bar -- a dimly lit, narrow space with a long, modern bar -- welcomes club-goers in the middle of Downtown Fort Lauderdale with a DJ and security at the front. But during the weekdays, doors open for the professionals who work near the nightclub area. If you're looking for a quieter scene, take a few steps over to Himmarshee's sit down restaurant. Side Bar has a tendency to get a little loud.

The Cost: The fancier drink you order, the more of a bargain you're getting when the free second drink comes. For example, the ever-popular cucumber watermelon martini costs $12. Featured cocktails are around $10, while the wine list varies (some are as low as $4) and so does the liquor list. Keep in mind the prices stay the same whether you get the second one or not. Also included is a $2 bar appetizer special, which features small portions of dishes from the regular menu.

The Verdict: It's classy, but not super-high-class, which is what makes Side Bar a great after-work go-to spot. It's not a problem if you're still in business professional attire, because everyone else is. If for nothing else, the specialty martinis are worth it.