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South Florida Mom Wins Dream Dinners Recipe Contest

Dream Dinners, "the original dinner assembly store," is a company with franchises in 31 states that has appeared on the Dr. Phil show, in the pages of the New York Times, on and in more momazines than you can shake a spatula at. Dream Dinners provides you with the means to put together a month's worth of meals in a matter of two hours. The company recently held a national recipe contest for all its clients and Ann Gamerl of North Miami Beach won $500 in Dream Dinners and will have her recipe featured at Dream Dinners locations all over the United States.

I spoke to Ann about her big win via telephone, here's what she had to say:

"I attend Dream Dinners sessions by Sawgrass. I go there monthly. For me it's just a great time saver, they have pre-assembled delicious tasty meals that save me time and money. There's three of us, I think it's great, my family love it.

"I think they got a ton of entries, I won the seafood category, it's the whole country. I'm not really a great cook, it's like a family recipe, I'm from Sweden,

its something that we cook a lot, its like one of the recipes that I

actually know, almost 40 years. I won a $500 gift card to Dream Dinners. I'm thrilled, every little bit helps. Each session runs between $150 and $200 so I basically have like two or three sessions that I can go now.

"It's pretty exciting, a Swedish recipe for Asian Salmon is gonna be featured on their menu.

"You go there and you have already told them what meals you wanna make, they give you the bags and they tell you what to mix in each bag, they give you a marinade and a side and you put chicken or fish in a bag, then you take all the bags home and you stick em in your freezer and then it has all the instructions on there, they're super easy to make too, you cook it on the stove or shove it in the oven, you don't really need to be a good cook to make delicious dinners.

"I usually make about 36 servings and that lasts me between three and four weeks.

"My husband and daughter are very happy, happy and surprised. They complain about my lack of cooking

"It's hard with work cause you came home late at night and you don't feel like preparing and cooking and washing dishes. It's much easier with Dream Dinners, you come and just cook something.

"My sister was very happy. She thought I should have entered something more Swedish like a meatball recipe or something."

"No thank you, I didn't do this to become famous, no Top Chef for me. I don't think I have enough recipes to fill up a cookbook.This was the one big deal, a one time deal, it was fun, I don't even know why I entered it."