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O'Shea's New Draft Master Lets You Tap a Keg at Your Table

Everyone's fantasized about being a bartender (Ooh, ooh, can I be Tom Cruise in Cocktail?) Now you can be your own at West Palm Beach bar O'Shea's, where a special new table puts you behind the tap.

The table is called a Draft Master. It's a specially designed table that houses two kegs and up to four taps. Customers sitting at the circular table can pour their own beer, and even keep track of their pour on a tiny LCD screen in the center. The taps rotate to almost any angle and the entire system is self-contained, from the kegs below to the special gas system that cools the beer as it travels through the tubes. A remote wireless panel controls just how much beer can be dispensed at any time.

The table may sound like a gimmick, but it's already a big hit according to O'Shea's owner Maurice Costigan.

"Since we've installed the DraftMaster, it's become an attraction

all its own for us," says Costigan. "Customers now come specifically to

O'Shea's because they want to check out the DraftMaster and enjoy the

experience and novelty of using it."

The Draft Master table is made by an Irish company called Ellickson

International. The units cost anywhere from $8,000 (for a mobile

version) to $13,500 to purchase, but the company boasts they pay for

themselves in as little as 12 weeks. The table at O'Shea's is the first

of its kind in Florida.

With beer available at your table, drinkers can be lazier than ever.

Personally, I'd like to cut out the middle man and remove the glass.

Just pour it straight in my mouth, please.

Check out more about Draft Master here.