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Put An Egg On It: The Cadbury Creme Egg Edition

Cadbury Creme Eggs debuted in 1963, the chocolate shell filled with a frosting yolk. Though they're available by January, sales peak closer to Easter of course, as evidenced by the shortages in South Florida. In yesterday's loop, I hit three CVS, to find the largest size out of stock. 

If you have ever tried to cook with Cadbury Creme Eggs, you will know that it is like working with sweet cement. Cadbury cooking pioneers suggested freezing before use, but for these recipes, it just won't do: You cannot mimic lardo with frozen goo.

Though I'm no pastry chef, or food stylist for that matter,  I've got five new recipes to Cadbury up your Easter eats.

 5. The Milk Stout Flip
A Cadbury yolk actually pairs nicely with this slightly bitter brew with notes of coffee and nuts. Note the yolk sinks: as you can see, it's not pretty.

4. The Cadbury Egg in a Basket
The most appealing and merciful of these concoctions, a half-Cadbury serves as a near-delightful breakfast. 

3. Cadbury Peep Crostini
A spin off a Fluffernutter, it's ciabatta bread layered with peanut butter and a thin layer of warm Cadbury yolk, like lardo. Trim a Peep face for garnish.

2. Cadbury Creme Egg Salad Sandwich
Here's one for Scanwiches. Chop three whole eggs, chiffonade fresh basil, then toast crostini for a sandwich so sweet your teeth will hurt.

1. Nutella Cadbury Peep Flatbread
I could have made a fresh dough round, but I got lazy here and bought one sprinkled in sugar. Spread a layer of Nutella, chop one large Cadbury and add pieces like sausages to a pizza. Trim Peep for garnish.

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