Closings: The Palm Beach Gardens Balloon has Burst

What happened to Downtown At The Gardens? What was once a lovely dining destination is rapidly becoming a restaurant graveyard, staffed by people with bad attitudes and bunker mentalities. We called and spoke to someone in The Gardens' marketing department about a wild rumor about the fact that four -- count 'em, four -- Gardens eateries recently went out of business: The Grape, City Kitchen, the fascinating Rosa Mexicana, and Strip House. The woman we spoke to, Laura, was instantly suspicious of our motives, confirmed that the restaurants were closed, refused to tell us when they'd closed up shop, and growled and hung up when we asked her last name.

Other recent Palm Beach County casualties include Spoto's (the one in downtown), Aqua Café, and Capri Blu. Granted, Aqua wasn't very good, and Capri had gone downhill recently, but still.

If Strip House and Rosa's are disappearing, can others be far behind?

The moral is: go there. Spend money, like our outgoing Prez once recommended.

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