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Durian: A Fruit So Stinky, It's Illegal

Over on our sister blog, the Juice, Jeff Stratton recounts how Ahmad Lai Bujang, a 61-year-old Malaysian Parliament member, "was taken

to a hospital after he complained of breathlessness

and dizziness from gorging himself on durian, a spiky green fruit

resembling jackfruit (or a green hedgehog)."

As Stratton reports, the politician said after catching his breath, "I ate too many durians that day. There were four different


and all were very tasty. The doctors warned me against it in the future,

so I will stay away from the fruit for a month."

Writes Stratton: "Buses in Singapore have signs (right next to No Food,

No Drink, No Loud Music) demanding No Durian. It's illegal to carry one

into public buildings there too. But eating it can be as addictive as

Cooper City's crack." 

The legendary Robert Is Here fruit stand won't carry it because it's so

smelly; ditto for other purveyors of juicy goodness. Click here to read the full story and find the local joint that sells it.