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Skittles Shots? Try Them at Tap 42

Paige Nast is only 21, but she makes a Manhattan cocktail like she's been drinking them for twice as long.

She refuses to make drinks the "cheater" way (she's never touched a bottle of Rose's Lime Juice), and her penchant for using only fresh herbs and local produce in her recipes is more a requirement than a preference.

Maybe that's why this South Florida-born beauty and bartender was recently named Tap 42's very own mixologist and beverage manager. No easy task, she said, Tap 42 is still known as a beer bar first, so getting people to think outside the taps was something "I was a little concerned about," Nast recently told Clean Plate Charlie.

However, since Nast left her bartending gig at Ocean Prime in Aventura to create a custom drink menu at Tap 42, the bar has become as much a craft cocktail bar as craft beer bar -- and there is a list of new hit drinks to prove it.