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Introducing Smart for Life's Gluten-Free Cookie Diet

You've surely heard of "The Cookie Diet" as a way to lose weight by eating several specialized, high-protein cookies a day. 

Well this isn't it -- kind of.

This gluten-free cookie diet is actually a product of "The Cookie Diet" inventor's breakup with his businessman, Dr. Sasson Moulavi, thus resulting in the original cookie diet and this celiac friendly twin sister.

Moulavi went on to start his Smart for Life weight-loss company, which also produces high-protein cookies. But after getting so many requests for gluten-free cookies from his celiac patients, he finally took the plunge.

Smart for Life released its gluten-free, chocolate-chip/banana cookie recently. It's also 60 percent organic and free of artificial sweeteners. 

For the skeptics:

According to Moulavi, the cookies work because they're high-protein (5 grams per cookie) and made with something called HeroFiber, a "soluble dietary fiber which helps to maintain cholesterol, glucose, and insulin levels..."

Basically if you eat one cookie for breakfast and lunch and then even substitute a cookie for snacks, you could lose up to 15 pounds per month. 

For the celiac skeptics:

Although this product doesn't hold any weight to the light, fluffy, and "if this wasn't certified gluten-free, I wouldn't believe it" quality of brands such as Udi's, it isn't that bad.

Moulavi told us over the phone that his team of scientists spent a considerable amount of time making sure that the cookies aren't dense and hard. And they aren't. The cookies are small and chewy with a consistency much like Circus Peanuts.

The taste wasn't half bad either. We wouldn't go out of our way to eat these for dessert, but they're pleasant tasting for a diet food.