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I'm Eating What?! Ramune Drink

The only thing better than a glass bottle of supersweet soda is a glass bottle of supersweet 
​soda that doubles as a toy. Ups to our buddy Jonathan for making us aware of Ramune Drink, a fun Japanese product and something we never would have bothered with if he didn't insist we get a few bottles to compliment our sushi lunch. You can find these at most Asian markets, and they usually cost less than $2.

It's not terribly complicated to open, but since we're too lazy to type out the step-by-step instructions, we thought we'd give you a link to a YouTuber demonstrating the process. Check out the video here. [If you still can't figure it out, you'll feel better after watching this one, charmingly titled "Doofus vs. Ramune."]

As you can see, you can access the drink only after mastering the marble plunging. But when you are done slugging back the stuff, you're left with an odd-shaped bottle cradling a little glass marble inside. Charming, indeed.

Not only is Ramune Drink fun to sip but it also tastes particularly yummy. The soda resembles Sprite, just with tinier bubbles and a hint of cherry or bubblegum. (We'd tell you what the actual flavor is, but the ingredient list includes only carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, and that nebulous "artificial flavor.") Guess what we tried was considered "original" because Asian Food Grocer lists about a dozen other varieties, ranging from blueberry to wasabi. Really, people? Curry-flavored soda? Ewww.

As to who should drink this, we say damned near everyone except infants, excessive burpers, and those especially prone to tooth decay.

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