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100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: Bahn Mi From Saigon Cuisine

As a countdown to the Best Of Broward Palm Beach 2010, coming in May, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in South Florida. Send your own nominations to [email protected]

No. 63: Banh Mi from Saigon Cuisine

One hundred years of foreign rule can change the shape of any cuisine, just like it did in Vietnam. The French influence there is responsible for many dishes, but among them all, the baguette sandwich known as banh mi may be the most enticing. Like an Asian version of a deli sub, banh mi feature crusty bread spread with mayo and all manner of meats, livened by crisp vegetables, pickles, and hot peppers. At Saigon Cuisine, the banh mi are masterworks of sandwichcraft. The best among them is a combination of Vietnamese ham and smooth pork pate. Earthy, spicy, tangy, crisp, it's a sandwich that can hang with -- and beat out -- any ol' French version around.

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